Helen Wiltshire, Marketing Manager, ALEXON BRANDS
« I have been working with Fred Fantun for over 10 years.  He is a  fabulous Producer who understands all elements to guarantee a  successful shoot. His seemingly effortless nature ensures the best  negotiated rates for hotels/locations/transport and a great  understanding and delivery of what is needed yesterday!  He will  take you to Marrakech’s best secret spots and conjure up a camel;  old fashioned typewriter and find a quiet spot to shoot in the busy  souk – nothing is too much trouble. My teams and I always enjoy my  Moroccan experience with FredFantun Productions and never fail to  get fantastic results. »
Isabel Arnold,  Fashion Editor, ELLE GERMANY
« I’ve worked together with Fred Fantun for 3 fashion stories in  Marrakech. Our work was very positive, Fred helped us so much with  the locations, especially when we were shooting in the medina with  all these crowds. He kept all the worries away from us on the  shoot, so we could concentrate on the fashion story and the  photographer. We also did a shoot in the desert, where we found a  perfect place and Fred made it a lot easier with the right catering  for the cold weather that day. I can only say that my entire team  and I were super happy with Fred Fantun Productions, his great  ideas for locations, restaurants and all the rest; I would  recommend him to all the editors i know ».
Alessia Glaviano, Fashion Editor, VOGUE ITALY
“Working with Fred Fantun was a very good experience for us. He is  an extremely professional Producer, and he’s also someone with  great positivity and enthusiasm, which makes working with him a  real pleasure, as well as getting the best work result. He was  brilliant in finding special locations for our shoot in Marrakech,  giving us a big choice of alternatives. When working with him, we  never felt left alone; his problem solving skills and his ability  to take care of every detail, on the set and outside (even in  finding the right places to have dinner!) made ita really  successful shoot”.

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