Fred Fantun Productions is an experienced full-service production company for still photography, TV commercials, documentaries and music videos. For over 10 years we have had consistent success working with a wide variety of international and world-class clients, photographers and brands.
Fred Fantun Productions provides high quality production services such as:
-Location scouting:  we can find a vast array of locations for our clients. These can be classic and well known Moroccan landscapes or monuments, modern European-style backgrounds, indoor studios or even recreating other locations, e.g. Essaouira can look like Greece, the waterfalls can look like Hawaii.
-Casting: we have extensive experience casting a full range of talent and looks, including adults, children, men, women, Moroccan & international talent, e.g. blonde school children for a German Beach catalogue.
-Catering:  we provide either Moroccan or western style cuisine or can book your group meals at a variety of hotels and restaurants.
-Sourcing of props: whether you need classic style Moroccan/Oriental or completely modern props we can source anything from plants to furniture, to vehicles and animals.
-Stylists, Hair & Make Up:  we can provide qualified Stylists, and Hair & Make Up artists who are local yet experienced in international film production, or we can supply assistants to your stylists.
-Custom clearance: for smooth transitions through airport customs we’ll assist you with clearances for your equipment, props and clothing etc.
-Transport: We have a wide range of drivers and transport options and can coordinate your entire transportation needs for your crew, talent and clients.
-Equipment: we have access to equipment rental services and can coordinate your local equipment needs.
-Accommodation: Morocco is known for it’s beautiful hotels, both modern and authentic in style, and we can organize a variety of options for your crew and talent. Most hotels have WIFI broadband internet access in all their rooms.
-Travel assistance: Coordinating travel to Morocco is, for the most part, straight forward, however we can provide a full range of travel services if you need this, including visa’s, work permits, and group airline bookings.
-Crew: Being born & bred in Morocco, Executive Producer, Fred Fantun has long standing relationships with all his crew members, many of whom have worked for him for the entire 10 years his business has been operational.

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